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Our Live Events Programme

Types of Events We Offer

We host live events on a regular basis.
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Toddler Tantrums

We provide a series of live webinars to support parents to positively manage the Tricky Toddler Tantrum phase. We have also developed a helpful Toddler Tantrum Toolkit that you can check out here, .


Teaching Talking

We provide a series of helpful live webinars to support you to promte your child's communication and language skills. We have also developed a Teaching Talking Toolkit to get you started. 

Terrific Transitions

Moving into a new school or early education setting can be challenging for children with additional needs. Some children and parents may need help and guidance when settling in. We deliver a live webinar session every year to help you understand the transition. In the meantime , our Terrific Transitions Toolkit will help you to get started.