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Early Childhood Professional Registration

Are you an early childhood professional (Speech and Language Therapist, Child Psychologist, Behaviour Analyst) and would like to list your contact details on our website? Please fill out your details below and submit. Upon receipt of your details Toddler Talk Ltd, will make contact with you to confirm your details and publish to the Toddler Talk website.

Typically, there is a cost of €12.50 per month to list on the Toddler Talk website. For a limited time, we are currently offering this service for free.

Contact Information

Enter the email address that should be receiving requests from our contact form.

Professional Information

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Services Offered

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Phone Consultation (30 mins)

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Video Consultation (30 mins)

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Video Consultation (60 mins)

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Walk In Clinic

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Home Visit

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Detailed explanation of your home visit service and additional costing details

Availability Details

This is the maximum amount of time a client will wait prior to meeting with you (by phone, video, clinic or home visit).

Additional Information

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Terms and Conditions

The Toddler-Talk Platform offers an online venue that enables users (“Members”) to publish, offer, search for, and book services. Members who publish and offer services are “Early Childhood Professionals” and Members who search for, or book, an “Early Childhood Professional” are “platform  users” . “Early Childhood Professionals” offer professional services. You must register an account to access and use many features of the Toddler-Talk platform,and  you must keep your account information accurate. As the provider of the Toddler-Talk platform, Toddler-Talk Limited does not own, control, offer or manage any Listings or Early Childhood Professional Services. Toddler-Talk  is not a party to the contracts concluded directly between “Early Childhood Professionals and “platform users” nor is Toddler-Talk a diagnostic service.

We maintain other terms and policies that supplement these Terms like our Privacy Policy, which describes our collection and use of personal data, website Terms of Use and  our consent form for “platform users” using the myToddler-Talk passport feature and If you are an “Early Childhood Professional”, you are responsible for understanding and complying with all laws, rules, regulations and contracts with third parties that apply to your accreditation body.