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Camilla Marks

Behaviour Analyst
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • Early childhood Behavioural Support
  • Early childhood Social and Emotional Regulation
  • Early Language Delay
  • Language and Communication Development
  • Play Skills
3 days
  • Weekdays after 5.p.m
  • Weekdays 9 - 5
Dublin , Leinster
  • Phone consultation (30 mins) €65.00
  • Video consultation (60 mins) €125.00

About Me

I am a parent, educational and behavioural consultant.  I am a qualified Behaviour Analyst and a qualified primary school teacher with over 20 years experience working in the Education sector .I work with children and parents to support early childhood development.

I have been working for the Department of Education for over a decade, providing support to teachers, school personnel and early childcare providers to develop strategies and solutions for children to attain their optimal potential at school.

My areas of speciality and expertise include language, communication and social -emotional development of young children. I provide advice and guidance for parents and professional development support and training for schools, teachers and early childcare providers.

My mission with “Toddler Talk” is to ensure that all parents can access simple and practical advice and guidance to support their child’s early developmental journey. I also aim to ensure that if any parent is concerned about their child’s speech, language and social -emotional development, that they can access immediate timely and practical help to ensure the  most positive long-term outcomes possible.