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Know The Signs

Toddler tantrums have many signs and  phases. The initial rumbling phase typically has physical features unique to your toddler. They might start pulling at their ear, or growing slightly red in the face, or mutter certain phases. This phase develops into a second phase where they become outright defiant and you might hear the word “NO” ….. a lot.

The third phase then may develop into an outright meltdown, involving flopping to the floor, screaming and shouting and banging fists. The nanosecond your see that first phase, distract, distract, distract. When you notice the first sign of a tantrum always try to distract and re-direct them to an alternative toy, activity or place to go.

Other Examples are:

  • Call out unbelievable phrases, (Look at the flying unicorn, is that an aeroplane in our garden, I hear fairies singing)
  • Burst into song yourself (if you are not somewhere too public, you could also do a little jig)
  • Challenge them to a race, to somewhere very nearby. (Children at this age, are becoming very motivated by winning races….)