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Terrific Transitions Part 2 : Communication Strategies for Early Education Settings

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Some children may require extra support to help them to communicate with adults and peers in their early education settings. There may be many reasons why some children need extra support to communicate in new environments, and we must always remember, that if their words or communication  attempts are not understood or don't work for them, they will find other ways to have their needs and wants met. A Functional Communication System (FCT) is a great place to start, as this will help children to trust that they are being heard and understood in a new educational setting.  

What is a Functional Communication System

A Functional Communication System is a system that enables all children with additional needs to communicate what they need and what they want in all environments both home and school. Children who are minimally verbal or pre-verbal, will need a functional system to support how they communicate to both the grown-ups and their peers in their all environments. When a child does not have a way to communicate with us, they may be telling us what they need and want with behaviours of concern.

Communication Systems can be:

Picture Exchange (Visual)


Object Based

Audio (App Based) 

For more information on Functional Communication Systems and how to implement check out these videos below from YouTube.