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Terrific Transitions Part 1 : Introduction

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Starting school, or starting in a new early education setting can be challenging for some children. There are many reasons why this transition may be difficult for some children. This could be due to additional needs, separation anxiety, sensory regulation, increased social demand, increased task demand, or possible a combination of all of the the above.  The good news is that there are many simple and practical strategies that schools and early childcare settings can implement to support children who may be experiencing difficulties settling in. 

Toddler Talk has developed a simple checklist for schools and early childcare settings to support children to have a "terrific transition" into their new educational environments.  Click here to access the "terrific transitions" checklist.

We have also developed 3 simple articles with further information on the strategies recommended in the checklist.

Terrific Transitions Part 2:   Communication Strategies for Early Education Settings 

Terrific Transitions Part 3:  : Simple Classroom Strategies for Positive Behaviour

Terrific Transitions Part 4 : School Based Sensory Strategies.

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